Propeller Survey Program

Yes or No... thats the only answer on my program. After several months of school I finally decided to make another fun program. Success! I was sitting there trying to think when I thought about all the tests I have this week... and there was my idea. I thought that I should create a program that askes questions you must answer. Since it would use the Parallax Serial Terminal and only require me to use commands from the PST object and store characters in variables, I thought it would be easy and fun for now.

The Coding Process:

After doing the main set up for the program... setting the CON controls, making variables, and referencing the PST object. I created a bunch of strings. The first told you how to answer the questions, then the rest are the questions. After each question, you enter Y or N, a command recieves that character and stores it in one of the variables in my array (yes... I have been getting better at using arrays). After all 5 questions are answered, the next method shows you the results of your answers... which is just a list of y's and n's. If those answers are all how you entered them, you enter 1 to confirm they are right. Using a if statement it determines if you said yes or no. If you say yes, it sends out another string. So far that's it.

Here is a pic of what happens after you finish the survey.



The Next Steps

 One of my next ideas involves electronics, using a copy of this program - since I have future things to add to the original one and don't want to change it - I want to use two pushbuttons for my project. These pushbuttons will replace entering Y or N. One pushbutton will represent Yes, the other No. Since each push will come in as a 1 instead of a Y or N, it will be easier to store and determine certain conclusions from the answers as they are easier for the processor to read. The questions will be asked, each time a If statement will figure out which button was pressed. Then either store a 1 or 0 in a variable. 

My other idea is to be used in the Parallax Serial Terminal only, and not use the buttons - though it can be implimented to that program at its final stage later on. The idea is to determine who is taking the survey. I will have the questions made so if you answer them in a certain way, it will be able to check to see if your one of the 3 people I will have it check for. There will be 10 questions, some questions only one of the three will be able to answer yes to, same for other questions. After all questions are answered... the chip will look over your answers and see if they match any of the three people. A complicated process and a complicated idea that I will not go into detail anymore. If I succed, I will then impliment it to the button program. 

I will update my progress soon.

Great Idea…

I also thought of this possiblity, so many ways to do it, from using a remote with a yes and no button with a LCD, to the robot saying the question and you replying in the same way. Many ways… but I would say I know a handful of people here that share those intrests and many more. I will add the source once I make other adjustments.