Project Phoenix (a sequel)

This project is very nice.

This project is very nice. Can’t wait to see it finished!

That is awesome I may make
That is awesome I may make one. You could make these and sell them too.


thank you very much!


i hope you can make one! and it would be cool if someone sell like these, like apple computers, prototypes made from wood and versions 2 are plastics!

Sorry to hear the motor

Sorry to hear the motor broke. But you can’t scrap this project.

Seriously one motor can’t be the end of this crazy lil monkey man!



yeah, i’m not scrapping this one, it’s an art! i’m just gonna wait for any motors to come!

I dug in my junk box and

I dug in my junk box and found a couple of these tiny motors. If you want them I’ll mail them across the pond.


OH MY GOSH! are you serious? no, it will cost you money, but don’t worry, i have (i think) seen a hand held crank generetad torch for sale on a local outdoor shop, i think it has the motor i needed, but thanks anyway for the support, your a very good friend, thanks! 

Those motors

The new motor you got, i have 6 of them in my box


ok, cool, i have hundreds of different motors, but i don’t have those small kind anymore, some are in my other bots and some got broken.


…You can’t beat em. :slight_smile: But be really careful with him… it might seem that he has limited senses, but one day he will have an awakening…



CAESAR IS HOME!!! lolololol




You’re not related to Steve Grand by any chance are you :)) ?

There seems to be this monkey obsession between you two, haha.

Keep up the interesting work!




hahahaha, well, Steve’s lucy inspired me…i recently got a package from him, it’s an autographed book and a postcard!

here it is:

Neural stuff ?


I had a look to your neural stuff and I don’t get the way it works. I mean your truth table is Logic AND and some components are doing that analogically (SN7400 and some logic calculus can be a good base). Is it supposed to represent a neuron’s behaviour ?

On another point, do you plan to use genetic algorithms to “evolve” and “machine learning” to learn ? I’m planning to build my robot on such principles and curious to see other creations with that methods.

Anyway, cool project !

this thing scares me XD

this thing scares me XD ahahah working on microbots is something that every brave folk would want to try.i like ur handmade small stuffs and the hand writing/sketching thingies =) but c’mon its sucha hassle to make an analog neural system haha good luck

thank you!

well, yes the logic table is an AND logic, but the mcculloch pitts neuron model also uses the same AND logic! and nope, it does not represent the neuron behaviour(well, that’s my own formulae on how it produces it’s output), i can’t predict it’s behaviour for it is all chaotic(chaos theory), nah, i won’t use any genetic algorithms, and this robot is just for my own research, well, i hope it “learns”, and by machine learning, yes (if it works).

can’t wait to see some of yer projects!


hahaha, scares ya? i don’t really want to make big robots, i always wanted to make small robots so i can bring them anywhere inside my pocket, hmmm, i think it’s more easy to make an analogue one rather than digital.


@Pikachu…In the defense of the MonkeeLad, I have to say he’s on the right track with his analog networks,whatever they may be…When you stated that analog is such a hassle, I have to guess that you’re true programmer…pic, arduinos,whatever…that’s fine, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. There is a lot to be said for component level architecture and analog networks. I’ve been doing it for years. I actually use a hybrid combination of both analog and digital components…I prefer calling them ‘binary’ components since they use ( in my models) varying degrees of on and off voltages, The triggers can be any range from 0 to 5 vdc…it depends. What happens consequently is a machine with the ability to make ‘fuzzy’ decisions about ambiguous situations…nothing is programmed or contains a priori knowledge…it figures it out on its own…Now ‘that’s’ a true robot. I suppose there’s some satisfaction to watching a pre-programmed device carrying out the instructions of its maker, with or without a learning algorithm…but the programming environment is sooo limiting…and in my opinion, that’s the fundamental problem with AI, but that’s a whole other subject. Maybe you guys aren’t into AI and just want to toy around with programming small robots,that’s cool, have fun…but if anyone is interested in Real Intelligence, then the mindset of programming only, has to be dropped and other avenues of seeking intelligence have to be considered. Come to think of it…this would be a neat LMR challenge…who can build the smartest or at least most interesting robot with NO CPU… I think I’ll seriously consider this after I get my projects posted up on this site…( Yes, sadly, I have no photos of what I’m currently working on, but I promise to get them up asap)…Have a great day and use your imaginations to the fullest.