Programming Microcontrollers

I wanted to make a robot useing a microcontroller. But I have had trouble over time trying to program a microcontroller.

Would it bother anyone to write an article on programming a microcontroller?


There are many different

There are many different Microcontrollers, and many different ways to program them.

One reason I always go on about Picaxe is that it is so easy to program, your dog can do it!

/ Fritsl

Use the Picaxe website!

Couldn’t agree more with Fritz. Love the picaxe. Here’s the deal, start here:

Go through the Basic Commands portion and the Interfacing Circuts section both have samples of code you can use. Start with the good ol’ blinking LED and go from there. Small steps, yo. baby!!


Thanks a lot guys. It really helped!


Uh Oh

Uh Oh,

My Computer doesn’t have a serial port! is there a way to have the programming cable be USB?

there are a lot of seria -

there are a lot of seria - usb adaptors, my laptop don’t have com port either

Arduino slove that problem with the built in convertor, so u just need to plug the usb cable.

but u can buy a usb to r232 for something like 10usd

You can find them on eBay
You can find them on eBay for under $8 + free shipping.