Programming microcontrollers (or build microcontroller from scratch)

Dear all,

I am abosolutely beginner but have experienced with programming. I have dreamed to build a robot for ages and I have keep searching on google but have no luck because the tutorial is not for beginner. So hope you guys can pin point me to any beginner tutorial on how to build our own simple microcontroller or breadboard to just do simple task ex: blinking the led something like that which I can just follow the instruction with clear picture and I will be able to make it myself.

P.S. honestly, I don't know even the differences between microcontroller and breadboard.

I am googling for 4 weeks already tired now!


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First question for you to answer is,

what language/languages are you familiar with?

C# (C++)

birdmun, I am familiar with C# (C++).

First, I’d like to build a simple microscontroll to blink the LED so please help.


I would suggest getting an

I would suggest getting an Arduino microcontroller board starter kit

(official distributors:,

or here:,

or here:,

or here:,

or here:,

or here:


Basically any Arduino Starter Kit will do.

Arduino’s are based on the C

Arduino’s are based on the C programming language so you’ll be running in no time :slight_smile: and it has some of the largest user support of any microcontroller in existence to date.

That is cool!


Thank you! Actually, I have experienced with several languages such as Java, PHP, C#, Delphi and C++ but no chance to get into depth in each one but currently I am working with C#,C++, and Delphi and I found C++ interesting. Anyway, C++ and C are not quite different and I’d like to improve my C and C++ programming with robot as well so thank you!

Btw, do you have any recommended book about C programming with Arduino or walk through tutorial sth like that?



A quick google search gave

A quick google search gave me this:

I think Arduino is C/C++ based actually.

Thank you again cobaltphoenix!

Thank you very much for helping me!

Have a good one!


You don’t need help to blink

You don’t need help to blink a LED. Just buy a board (I prefer Arduino) then connect it with your computer, install the USB driver (should be automatically or download it from

Then Download the Arduino IDE as well, run it, choose your board and COM port (all is well described in the tutorial on 

Then open examples -> Basics -> Blink. Upload it to your board and see the onboard LED connected to I/O 13 blinking. from there it’s only a small step to a robot :slight_smile:

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To Lumi

Yes I already bought the Arduino board and it just arrived two days ago.

I am thrilled to work on it soon this weekends.

And thank you I will look at their examples at its official site.

Has ha


Thank you for information I am new here!


Thanks for the link I will update my post soon I wanna be alive lolZz.

Btw, Have a good one to all.

Thank you!


Great links

Thank you Chuck! For Arduino I like your first link very much the lesson is precise and I don’t know how come I did not come across this good link so far with googling for sometimes on Arduino.



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