Programming in C#

In the programming section for getting started, I see a programming language using a ton of GOTOs.

Is it possible to program robots in C#? Something that has classes so you can have more complex programs and good object-oriented design?

It seems like using a procedural programming language is teaching bad habits.


Also the forums have an encoding problem where you can't search for 'C#'. It url encodes the C# and forgets to decode it.

If your language preference

If your language preference is C# then you should have a look at the GHI lineup, or the Netduino.
I love the FEZ microcontroller
For example the FEZ Panda II
With built in RTC, micro SD card and 54 IO ports 148Kb flash for applications and 62Kb RAM available to the user. With threading and on-chip debugging.

you may want to look into

you may want to look into these

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One of our members is working through a programming series for PICAXE and arduino. Hopefully, he will cover some better programming concepts rather than ‘spaghetti’ programming that is able to be found around here. Most of the reason for bad programming practices is due to most of these people being self taught rather than having any kind of training.

PS - I don’t mean to seem elite or anything like that.