Programming a stepper motor to complete one rotation in a day

I have to build a working model of earth  rotation.

How can I programme a stepper motor to complete one rotation in a day, with 15 min intervals for each of the longitudes?

Is stepper moter best for it os should i use continuous rotation serveo, though i dont know how to time the servo for the project in this case too?

Will the stepper motor or the servo have enough torque to rotate a globe of weight of atmost 2 kg?

I have a Picaxe 28x1 and a L293D IC

Thank you, I will try it today.

I will try to write the code today after I finish buying the globle and stepper motor today.

Based on shout box conversation

There seems to have been a bit of information left out of the original question.

You are planning on rotating a 16’ inflatable globe.

I am a bit concerned that an L293 in a PICAXE board will be able to drive a stepper with enough power.

Learning to drive a stepper with your setup would not be a worthless endeavour, but, I don’t believe you will be able to use that setup by itself to drive the stepper you will need to drive. My Physics knowledge is lacking to be sure. :slight_smile:

Reply to birdmun

I was concerned with the same.

Origanally i planned to build the platform at the origanal till, now i plan to build it vertically.

I can just hope the stepper motor will have enough torque as it will be a low RPM high torque one.

Fingers crossed till that time

How many lines of longitude

How many lines of longitude are you talking here?. Stopping every 15 minutes for 24 hours will give you 96 lines of longitude. If that is the case, you could put a worm gear on the stepper and a 96 tooth gear on the globe. Then all you have to do is one rotation of the stepper every 15 minutes and you could probably just about ride the thing. If you wanted it to rotate between the lines of longitude slower and have fewer of them, then it is different story.