Problems wih LMR site

Over the last several months I have noticed the LMR site is extemely slow when inputting text. Often times I will be 2-3 words ahead of what appears on the screen and when I look back over what I have typed, letters and somtimes complete words are missing. On occasion the screen stops updating completely and I have to backspace several times and try it again. This not only makes it very frustrating to post anything, but when I do manage to get it to work, it still ends up with missing letters.


I do not have these issues on any other site and it is really maddening. How about some input on why this is happening and when it will be fixed?



Maybe a local issue?

I can’t say that this is something I’ve noticed when using the site. The issue may very well be local to your machine. I’d suggest checking with more members to see if they have the issue, and checking on computers outside of your WiFi network and seeing if they have the same problem.

I’m assuming that you mean when typing up a comment/blog post or something similar, rather than then you are using the slack based shoutbox?

LMR devs - I do see quite a lot of failed requests being made to the Slack API, if these arn’t non-blocking they may cause issues with users that have bad connections?

Hmm sounds like a very odd

Hmm sounds like a very odd issue indeed, perhaps a OS/browser type/addon or something similar? I’ve just typed this response up first time, with absolutely no issues whatsoever using Chrome on a Windows10 machine.

Any other LMR users having problems?

Bear in mind, I’m not a LMR employee or anything, it’s not my shoutbox, it’s all of ours.

Very Interesting

I had something very similiar happen to me on here a short time back.

What I found was that I was using an older version of FireFox and it was the issue.

Not sure which browser you are using I do know I have only had this issue with the older version of Firefox.

After I updated Firefox to 57.0 the issue went away.

I tested it in Chrome and IE and the problem did not exist.

Also if Java or Flash is out of date it can cause some issues so I would make sure they are up to date.

Hope this helps you.


The fix appears to work, thanks again.