Problem with IR remote upgrade

i was trying to see if i could make sounds, LDR-test and ir remote test.

upgrade stuff here:

but there is a syntax error :(

please help!

Did you see this? Might help
Did you see this? Might help you out.

simple problem…

Read the manual in terms of the syntax needed for the irin. It requires a pin # and a variable. In your list of swon’s, the infra with be replaced with the variable you have chosen.

I would start with this psydo code:


irin yadda,yadda,b1

debug b1

goto main

–Once you can determine you have clean data coming in, then goto your swon list.




I had the exact same

I had the exact same problem,

the manual does have it’s problems with things like this.

symbol infra = b14


irin 0, infra
if infra = 0 then s125
if infra = 2 then s60
goto main

servo 0,125
pause 1000
goto main

servo 0,30
pause 1000
goto main