Problem with generating ideas

I’m having problems coming up with ideas this is a common problem with me I’ve done lots of projects in the past but with little successes is there a way I can come up with ideas better and a place where i can develop my robotic skills better but my main problem is idea generating.

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HI @Dante_Anderlich :slight_smile:

Hope we can help somehow :slight_smile:

What do you like most in robotics? What kind of robots?

Do you have any problem in the real world that you think robots could solve?

These are the first things that come to my mind.

Thank you.

Hi there. What are some cool projects what you’ve done so far?

ive done a robotic dog
-car robot
-robotic arm
-electric skateboard
-buzzer glove for dog bitting traing

these are project that i did but had little motivation after completed i always wanted somthing that i could merge passoins with hobbys

thanks i will start here

how do you guys come up with your ideas for robots

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Quite a good list I must say. Considering all the robots that you’ve completed so far, I think you can give waiter robot a try. Line Following Robotic Waiter using Arduino - The Engineering Projects

I am just sharing one example. You can find many others. Once you make the basic structure, you can modify it more and more. Waiter robots are used in restaurants.

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Thanks I will try that for sure

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Hi Dante,
In answer to your question on robotic things to do, there are several ways to explore with robots. For hobbies you can make a feeder for your pets (like a tropical fish feeder that drops food in the water) and control it with an arduino controller. If you want to work in industry some day, practice using sensors and motors and get experience by sensing and moving an unusual shaped object, or autonomously find an object in a room (with a ping sensor). As you get more experience your could try LIDAR sensing. Good luck.