Power supply enhancement question!


I’m wondering - Is there a way of taking the bipolar output from a smaller driver (e.g. the PES 2605) and feeding into a larger driver of some sort, to provide the additional power needed for a larger stepper motor (e.g. a NEMA 32)?

I’ve built a pond net lift system, but I didn’t take into account the weight of the rain on the netting (foolish mistake :frowning: )

I have the system working well in terms of control systems and weatherproof housings (when it’s dry!) and ideally want to provide additional grunt to the existing PES 2605 by taking it’s A+/A- & B+/B- outputs and feeding them into something that could handle the additional stepper motor power requirements?

Thanks for any info - much appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hello @asbestoscheck and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, no. If your motor requires more power you will need to upgrade your driver to one that can withstand the additional power.


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Thanks for the reply

Sorry for such a stupid question - I appreciate the response

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No worries! If you need help selecting a driver let us know :slight_smile: