Power Distribution Boards / Busses

Curt is growing up and requires more POWER!  Specifically more power to more Places.  I have connected components using stranded wires with red "FC" type Insulated Fork Crimp Connectors that are for 18-22 AWG wire, and accept a maximum of a #6 screw, and the forks are 0.245" wide on the outside.  Example:


I put a LOT of these terminals on my wires, hoping to avoid the immense hassle of feeding stranded wires into terminal blocks.  However, I have not found a good power distribution system for these fork connectors!  I am really supprised.  I have been using some #6 screws so far and clamped all the forks on them with a nut but it's not pretty.  There has to be a better way.  I would REALLY rather not have to cut off the crimp connectors that I labored for several painful hours to put on.  Does any one know of a power distribution board or bus for these fork connectors?  Must handle 10 amps or more.



Nothing much better

Your screw idea is functional. Unfortunately not aware of a PDB for those. Curious to see what others might come up with.

Power distribution


The easiest and probably cheapest way to do this would be what is called a barrier strip:

These are available is various lengths at almost any electronic supply house for a couple bucks. Your spade lugs connect to one side and you use a bare buss wire to strap the oposite side together. What's nice about this method is you can break up the buss side into individually fused "zones", which not only makes it safer, but easier to troubleshoot when something goes wrong.