Popemobile - wired electric toy car

It is the fourth car i made from printer and computer parts. It has front suspension only. The only things i bought are screws and glue. Took me a couple of days to perfect it... Rear belt transmission (the belt is from a copier), and aprox. 1:10 reduction before the belt using angled toothed gears. Front suspension and steering are my own design as well as the rest of the car.


Awesome car!!

Awesome car!!! I made one once but It was not as cool as yours really It’s great


I’m glad you like it. I will buid a tank or a crane next…

good look ( you won’t need

good look ( you won’t need it you are a great builder)

Some pics of Popemobile




You are a very talented

You are a very talented builder. Keep on making.