PLEASE HELP custom motorized Kayak/Hobie cart

Its not a “robot” by definition but shares some of the same parts I guess. I am building an RC controlled motorized kayak cart with 2 power wheels 24v motors and gearboxes. I need help with the RC and electrical setup as I dont have much experience with it but can follow a diagram. It should be very simple I only need/want forward/reverse no steering but I would prefer a small controller similar to a car key fob but willing to go a little bigger if needed but smaller the better. I also want some type of speed control so it doesnt go any faster than normal walking pace. it is a 3 wheel design so I plan on keeping one hand on the steering handle and one to control the remote. Can someone please supply a complete list of all parts needed and sometype of wiring diagram for the components. Simpler the better I dont have a lot of space onboard for a ton of electronics gear and since I will be taking the remote with me on the kayak to help limit theft as the cart will be left on a public beach. so basically as small and simple as possible.

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Hi @afish1 and welcome to our forum!

Do you know what is the power or the amperage of the motors you are using? I guess these are DC brushed motors?

Based on this information, you can choose appropriate dual motor RC driver:

For RC, you could choose some of Radiolink transmitter/emitter pairs:

For the wiring, there shouldn’t be too much work. For example, it should look something similar to this:

Thanks for the reply. yes DC brushed. Here is a link to the motors and gearbox I bought. It looks like they are 24v 200w motors but I am going to power them from a Dewalt battery so they will be getting more like 18v. based on that it looks like they are rated at about 8.3 amps but at 18v more like 11amps.

power wheels motors and gear box

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So you could use this driver:

Wiring would be something like this:

thanks again, would there be a way to set or cap the speed? I wouldnt want it to accidentally go faster than walking speed. Having a way to limit the speed other than how far the trigger on the remote is pulled. So basically full trigger pull would be a max of about 3mph without effecting torque output of motor. Since, it will be moving through soft sand I need the power but not the speed if that makes sense.

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I am not completely sure how you can do this, but you can consult Dimension Engineering on [email protected] and they should be able to help.