Pickerbot - a tomato harvesting robot

The purpose of this project is to develop a harvesting robot for tomato green houses. The tomato harvesting robot should be able to navigate in a green house environment, recognize tomatoes and determine whether it is ripe enough to be picked. Then it should place the tomato to a nearby container without damaging it. After picking job has been done, it should also carry the tomato containers to the warehouse.

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Looks cool. Is there any video demonstration?

Hi, thanks for your kind comment. I have just uploaded the video. You can also check the video from this link:


Hi, here is a YouTube link for the video:

Great work. Are you selling this robot commercially?

Hi there, yes we are planning to sell Pickerbot commercially. We have finished the first prototype and gained valuable feedbacks from our potential clients. We are aiming at finishing the 2nd generation and will commercialize it in the next 6 months. Please stay tuned!

Best of luck. Personally I am very much interested in robotics. I do these types of basic robots. I never really worked on any commercial project. I’d really love to do if I ever get any opportunity. Wish you all the best with your project.

Thank you for your wishes. Is there any specific project you can share with me?

Not anymore for this time being. But I wish to update here as soon as I come up with something worthwhile. Thanks a lot.

Guys, this looks bloody awesome.
Question, where did you get your wheels from ?
As i need better wheels :slight_smile:

Hi Parkerbird, thank you for your compliment. We source our wheels from our OEM factories in China. Thanks

Any chance of you sharing the name of these wheels, PM if you like.
Am going to rebuild yet again and would love these type of wheels, instead of being stuck using mini Moto wheels.