Picaxe Serial Communication Through Prog. Socket?

Hey, I'm wondering: If I have 2 Picaxe 28X1's that both have their own programming sockets, after programming them, can I use a male to male audio cable and connect their sockets, and send information from one to the other with serout commands? One 28x1 sends info to the other, no data is sent back, so only on serial line is needed. Is it possible, and how would I implement it?

Yes, with the correct wiring

Yes, with the correct wiring of the cable. You will have to crosswire the TXD and RXD lines so a standard audio cable won’t work. See the SERTXD and SERRXD in the PICAXE Manual 2 for programming details.

You don’t even need to use

You don’t even need to use the socket though. You can use most any of the pins for multiProc coms Check the manual for serout/sertx and serin/serRX.

Don’t forget Hser

There are hser pins as well --and hser commands!! Woo Hoo!

(All in the manual)


It doesn’t seem like I can,

It doesn’t seem like I can, but is there a way to only use 1 of the hardware serial pins, in my cause the hserin pin, without changing the function of the hserout pin, so it can be used as a normal output at the same time that the hserin pin is used?

Thanks, I need a little help

Thanks, I need a little help though. So Picaxe A only has to communicate with Picaxe B, but not the other way around. So I would just connect the serial out pin of A to the serial in of B via a single wire? And where would I make the connection, in relation to the download circuit?

I don’t think so

Once you do the hser setup, they are a matched set.

You know on second thought I

You know on second thought I don’t think it will work with the download circuit. I believe the 10K and 22K resistors will keep it from working correctly. If you want to try though, yes, you will need to connect the Out of A to the In of B ahead the 22k resistor, closer to the leg of the 28X1. It might work, I don’t think so though.  

Ok, I think I might give it

Ok, I think I might give it a shot cause I have the option of removing the download circuit if needed. Also, do these commands block the program from continuing until something is found, like the serin command?

If I have just 2 small

If I have just 2 small variables that I want to send to the other picaxe, can I use the pulsout/pulsin commands instead and match? Do they block the flow of the program while waiting for data like serin?

Would I2C be an option for

Would I2C be an option for you instead of using the serial lines?

Actually, I found a much

Actually, I found a much more elegant solution if I can get it to work for me. i simply have a problem of not having enough output pins open to allow both hserin and hserout to be used, which I would really like to use. However, I read somewhere that the serial output pin that is hard wired to the download circuit, pin 7, can be alternately be used as a regular output. In my case, I just need to drive a single LED from each output, so I’m guessing I could just make the pin an output and create a small jumper region on my board and disconnect the LED before download and reconnect it afterwards to reduce any possible interference? And most importantly, what code would I need to turn pin 7 into a normal output and implement it? And I’m guessing I would have to hard reset the Picaxe each time I needed to download a program?

Perhaps. The Picaxe 08 uses

Perhaps. The Picaxe 08 uses a jumper switch for one of its outputs that must be set in order to program it over the serial line. So if you look at the circuit used for the Picaxe 08 proto board, that should give you some good guidance.