Picaxe problem

Okay so, I did this

And then I wanted to add IR control so i did thishttp://www.picaxe.com/docs/axe040.pdf

It is working fine on my arduino, but on the Picaxe nothing happens. I think it's cuz of the remote, because i'm not using those 2 models that are listed, but i can't find them anywhere.

Are those 2 models the only remote controls that can interact with picaxe? 

How does one go about configuring a remote?

Ask the googles…   "how to configure sony remote control"


TV Sony

If you’re planning to use Picaxe commands (IRIN and IROUT) take in account BASIC Picaxe only works with “TV” Sony remote IR code.

If you’re using a programmable remote take care to choose “TV” device.

Check picaxe manual 2 - Basic commands, page 127, IROUT, for example.

SONY IR code is made of 12 bit, 5 bit for device, 7 bit for data.

I have Sony remote for HIFI stereo and few keys are recognised by picaxe. Picaxe programmable remote works fine.

Use a Picaxe for the remote

You could always just use a picaxe chip to send the signal, if the IR communiation isn’t too complicated. Caclulon has done this many times with no problem. He had to resort to that solution after being unable to find a suitable Sony remote. 

As far as your statement that “if it works with arduino, it should work with picaxe…” you really shouldn’t make that assumption. The AVR and PIC chips are physically similar, but the Picaxe and Arduino bootloaders are very different. While picaxe is easier to pick up, it has its shortcomings, such as limited IR protocol, for example.

Also: you CAN have the arduino send Sony IR protocol that the Picaxe will understand. Or have the arduino understand what a picaxe is saying.

Arduino remote

I forgot to mention that you can use the arduino as a remote to the Picaxe.

Just remind that"TV decice" is 01 in Sony IR code, if I remember well…

In picaxe forum, there is a very nice pdf tutorial about IR communication. You just have to register to be able to download it.

Let me know if you can’t find it.

Thank you all guys, but i’m

Thank you all guys, but i’m really kind of a noob. I have Sony remote RM-883. How to configure it? Google did not help

I used

I used this 
and my transmiter is the same as on the picture, but when i try it on picaxe it gives no value, nothig, like it’s broken. When I connect it to arduino it works perfectly :/ 

check you have put the

check you have put the capacitor in place,

check it is being powered, use a multimeter to check that there is 5V across pin 2 and 3. If there isnt try setting up the circuit they give you (page 3) on a piece of breadboard or something

What’s the part number for

What’s the part number for the IR Rx you’re using? 

IR Remote

Hi Cycnus,


Earlier you said you were using RM-883 remote or something. Now you say you use transmitter on axe040.pdf.

If you are using the TVR010 IR remote from PICAXE, you have to set the remote to the Sony IR TV code.

See, this datasheet : http://www.picaxe.com/docs/tvr010.pdf