Picaxe 08M2 'Micro' Board

Board was Updated! Version 2.0 is done. :)

I have created this small Picaxe08M2 Board so it can be integrated in small robots or other projects which require small dimentioned PCBs and components. The Power Supply Board is as small as the Picaxe Board, i.e. same dimentions: 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.6 cm (0.826 x 0.826 x 1.023 inches)!


I notice a large number of components on the PSU board.

Also, is the vreg pulling enough current to require a heatsink?

I bet you tried everything you could to not need that overhanging board. :slight_smile:

The Board’s were made using the Picaxe datasheet…

Well, the Vreg could be replaced by the smaller 78L05 (TO-92 package) instead of this one (TO-220 package) which would be enough, and yes, the heatsink is not needed. But a “big” Vreg with heatsink gives it a nice look! :slight_smile:

Yes! :slight_smile: The overhanging board was to be replaced with a “fitting” on the cable it’s self, and originally only meant to be there for program download. That was not an option, since serial pin can not be left “floating”! A work around is in progress.

Thank’s for the feedback!

Nice, I like those little

Nice, I like those little things, even I do not have had worked with a Picaxe yet. I am sure it could be done for ATtiny too :wink: Well done Werner!

Thank’s lumi!

Thank’s lumi!

Yeah, I have some miniature PCB’s :slight_smile: But doing so with “normal” components, not SMD, becomes real interesting and fun to do. I think it’s possible to do with almost all components, usually I “test” the desing on a PCB software with 3D Simulation (DesignSparkPCB or other) to see how it looks and if it really fit’s.Then I prototype it and test it “for real”!



That’s cool. This would fit

That’s cool. This would fit in my small robot very well. we are just going to design a PCB for our swarm robot project and we will have to do it small as well since we are restricted to 5x5x5cm

Nice little board. For

Nice little board. For comparison, have you seen this board by Picaxe? How would you compare your board to that one?

I know that one! :slight_smile:

It’s a nice board, and It’s basically the same, with prototyping area and the 3.5mm jack download socket. It is possible to fit a 3.5mm jack on mine but since I use the same dowload cable for 3 different platforms (Picaxe, C-Control and 89C51RD2), I taylored it for my cable. :slight_smile:

If you want/ need I can help!

If you want, “throw-me” a schematic, and I’ll see what I can do to srink it! :slight_smile: And make it still buildable with “normal” component’s! If you like the idea, i’ll just mail you the files. If not, no worries! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer. right

Thanks for the offer. right now we just have an idea :wink: Once we get some drawings I will send you the schematics.

OK! :slight_smile:

Hope to see your swarm robot project up and running! It sound’s great! And usefull in many areas of research… :slight_smile: When you have something, contact-me…

Update! Version 2 of the Micro Board!

At last! Ver.:2.0 is done! Same size, but NO overhanging serial board! :slight_smile: (Resistors are soldered on the copper side, and the 3Pin SIL connector was changed to a 3Pin Molex for the Download Cable I use) and last but not least, access to all 6 pins (C.0 to C.5) is now possible via two 3Pin SIL Connectors on each side of the Picaxe. With the position of the Pins the use of a expansion board or simmilar was taken into account. 5V and GND Connector also changed to 2Pin Molex.

Even better than V1 :slight_smile: We

Even better than V1 :slight_smile: We are still working on our circuit for the Soccer Bot and if it’s done I will let you know.

Thank’s Lumi! :slight_smile:

After using V.1 some times it became clear to me that some flaws had to be corrected… :stuck_out_tongue: Getting rid of the “overhanging” board was a must! :slight_smile: Ok! Hope all is going well! I’ll be around… :slight_smile:

Your Project inspired me :slight_smile:

Your Project inspired me to build a new board for my 28x2! :slight_smile: The board i had before was made for the 28X and at that time for a “specific” robot project… “Just for fun” I thought: “How small would a DIY, fully-functional and nice Picaxe 28X2 board get, if built to fit within 5cm?” Well, the result measures 4.4 x 3.2 cm :)! With 6 x 5V and GND extra pins for powering sensors, etc… Serial programming connector and circuit, reset button, resonator, all there! :stuck_out_tongue: I know I could just buy there fancy SMD module, but where’s the fun in that?! :slight_smile: Will create a new post about it here on LMR as soon as it’s finished…