PIC MicroController Questions


I am about to get some samples from microchip and buy a pickit 2 as well


what micro cotrollers do you suggest that i pick up?

i do have some below that have already shipped do you suggest any others since tomorrow we can get samples?

Link here -> http://makezine.com/halloweencontest/





The type of micros you want

The type of micros you want really depends on the application, but I would recommend trying to get a few ‘LF’ models. The ‘LF’ types can handle the same max voltage as the ‘F’ types, but they’ll work down to a volt or so less than the normal ones, which makes them more flexible.


The two you’ve listed are typical of those which I use. They will do tons of stuff. Get 2 or 3 of each and handle them CAREFULLY. (Like try not to touch them!) Glad to see you’re going with the IDE rather than BASIC!!

I personally like
I personally like programming the PIC 18FXXX series. They seem to have a few more features that makes the prgramming easier. you will probably be satisfied with just about any of the PIC microcontollers you choose.

I usually use the 16F877A,

I usually use the 16F877A, for most (test)applications it has more than enough pins (40 pins) etc.