Pi Droid Alpha: New robot controller for the Raspberry Pi designed for education & makers

Pi Droid Alpha is the best educational Robot Controller for the Raspberry Pi

I had a lot of great feedback from teachers on my RoboPi advanced robot controller for the Raspberry Pi, however most asked for a less powerful - and lower priced - alternative for simpler Robots. I listened :)

Pi Droid Alpha adds an L293D dual h-bridge motor driver, MCP3008 eight channel 10 bit analog to digital converter, and an MCP23S17 sixteen channel digital I/O expander to your Raspberry Pi and works with any model Raspberry Pi.

  Mikronauts Mikronauts
  Pi Droid Alpha RoboPi
I/O Co-Processor - 32 bit, 8 cores
Max Servos 8 24
Max PWM 8 24
Max HC-SR04 8 24
Max Flex I/O 8 24
Std Digital I/O 16 24
Total Digital I/O 24 24
12 Bit ADC - 8
10 Bit ADC 8 -
Motor Driver 2ch L293D -
Motor Voltage 4.5V-36V -
Avg/Max motor I 0.6A/1.2A -
Screw Terminals 4 1
I2C Headers 1 2
HCOMM Header 1 1
10 pin header 2 3
API pigpio, wiringPi RoboPi C/Python
Support Forum yes yes
Target Robots Educational Advanced
MSRP Full Kit
$34.95 USD $49.95 USD

For entry level educational and hobbyist robots, I recommend Pi Droid Alpha as entry level robots normally do not require powerful motors that draw a lot of current.

Mikronauts robot controllers are supplied in kit form in order to make them more affordable – and to offer makers the satisfaction of building their own controller, for more pride in their robots.

For more details, please see the product page at:


Please feel free to ask any questions about Pi Droid Alpha or RoboPi here, my forums or via email!

Now I have to go to work on my shiny new Pi Droid Alpha based bot :)

sr desigh project

For my Sr. design project i need a control stsrem that will drive 4 dc gearhead motors and 2 servos, do u belive that i can accomplish this with the Pi Droid Alpha or RoboPi? Or can u please give me some ideas in how i can accomplish this? Im an ME undergad so i have no clue about these controllers. 

thank you

can you post the motor specifications?

I need to know:

- motor voltage
- average current
- stall current

Is independed speed control for each of the four motors needed? Or are they paired, two per side?

PiDroidAlpha has two channels rated for up to 30V, normally 0.6A, maximum 1A per channel.

You could of course use external motor drivers.

If the project needs a more powerful controller, I also designed RoboPi for more advanced robots.



Pi Droid Alpha Build Manual v0.80 is now available!

You can download it from the product page at the link below - and see how easy it is to build my controller kit!