Photoresistor to control servo

After looking up some info on photoresistors and finding some good info on this site ....  i set up a voltage divider using the photoresistor and had it connected with a led ... which would light up or turn off depending how much light was getting to the photoresistor. I then thought it would be cool to connect this to my arduino and controll a servo .... similar to the set up using the potentiometer ... unfortunately didnt know how to do this so was going to post on this fourm for a how to. But decided to try harder to figure out how to do it first.  Well to my amazement I managed it .... 

anyway i made a  video of it in action and decided to post it ... not the most exciting video but im delighted to have figured out how to do it.

Maybe you could post this as a Tip?

It is a nice bit of assembly and programming. But, I think people might find it easier if it was a Tip rather than a forum post. You could even include a quick schematic and program to show it off.

Good idea … will look into

Good idea … will look into doing that … have to learn a bit  more about it first … as this reacts to light it changes dramatically throughout the day and readings programmed into it that work a one time during the day will not work later in the day when there is less light/or visa versa. (eg if i tried running it now … it would just make the servo shudder as the daylight is gone and i have the lights on.) 

The set up dosent change … just the reading used.

edit / looked at it again and by changing the resistors and rereading the new readings will work … so just have to be adjusted after major light condition changes.

Also read this can be used for determining colours so will have a go at doing that sometime too