Photocell with motor, no programming

Hi, im new to the forums and I need some help running a dc motor with a photocell without any micro-controllers.

Heres the list of parts I have:

-Tip120 transistor

-1n4004 diode

-1k resistor


-solderless breadboard

-jumper wires

-9volt batter with battery connector thing

-a small dc motor (i dont have much information about it except that it seems to run on 3.3volts:( )

I do have an arduino uno, but I dont want to use that for this project since all I need to do is get the motor turning in one direction using light and my uno is kinda preoccupied with something else.



Would these materials work using this schematic?


If so, can anyone write out the instructions? Im not to good with reading schematics and im kinda in a bind. But judging from the schematic I think I have everything there

Also if this schematic work work with what I have, does anyone know any other ways to set this up?