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This lesson will help you choose and install a sensor for detecting objects. There are plenty of sensors that can do object detection, each offering different pros and cons, so you need to decide which one will fit your project best.
When choosing a sensor, you need to ask yourself how you’ll be

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I’m trying to build my first robot so i have started to study and collect data to put the knowledge i have into hardware but one important question i really couldnt find someone to answer it professionally please help me with that . what is the programming language i have to learn (C ,C++ , JAVA .paython ,etc)
much appreciated

@sandrine yamin
You named several of the top programming languages - it’s really up to you.

I am willing to buy the all part from you for DRONE i have registered in ur site and try to connect u but unfortunately there is no response from your side.


@DR.HIRA MANI TIWARI Can you please create a new topic on the RobotShop Forum indicating what exactly you are looking to do, as well as your budget?