PhidgetBridge Wheatstone Bridge Sensor Interface v1.0 Activation Error

Hi Guys!

Has anyone encountered activation problems with this software? I enter the correct code and it gives and error:

“Activation Failed. Check your internet connection and firewall”.

I’ve tried this on 3 PC’s in my house, disabled the firewalls, even went out and bought a brand new Asus router, hooked that up and disabled its firewall.

The developers have been trying to help but no luck. Has anyone else had the same issue?


Hey Matt,

This error means your Internet connection is not accessible to the app. This can have many causes, such as anti-virus, firewall or other security software blocking the software (HTTP/80 requests sent to & Also, if you are on an education or professional network, there may be other (transparent) network security running that blocks the connection.

As discussed in your private support ticket, the issue ended up being your computer having two NIC. The software was most likely using the wrong one (which was not connected to the Internet).

Good luck with the project and the app! :slight_smile: