Peratech force sensors vs. piezo elements

I’m wondering if anyone happens to be knowledgeable regarding the Peratech sensors, such as

Specifically, I’m wondering if they only respond non-trivially to forces directly on their surface like Force-Sensitive Resistors (FSRs) do, or if they detect force against a decent radius in the material above them, the way piezo elements do.

Application: Interested in seeing if they offer any advantages vs. piezos for e-drums (electronic drums). I realize this forum/company is for robotics, but this is literally the only company that sells any Peratech components to the public!

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Hi @danjcla and welcome to the forum

the description says:

Minimal RFI interference

That alone would keep me from using it for any sound setup.
Piezos are also much faster in response.

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