PCB help (Eagle)

pandabot.sch (122270Bytes)
pandabot.brd (54293Bytes)
pandabot.png (6758Bytes)
panda_rev.brd (60143Bytes)
panda_rev.png (9256Bytes)

Hi all!

I have made a board for the pic16f690 with some servo connections and some other connections. I think the file is kind of self explanatory. I'm basically just wondering if any of you used to doing PCB's or working in Eagle have any warnings or advice on this board. i am trying to get a clean board and also trying to make it onesided. So all tips appreciated.

Thanks in advance

*Edit 121102

The pandabot_rev is the latest version with groundplanes 40 mil traces with more spacing. i think i will just go for the first pandabot.brd layout and do a simple etching at home. and then i might get some new and better ideas for the future one.Having some trouble deciding on what to do.


As a bonus for using a ground plane

you can use thermal connections(?) on all points that connect to ground. That will save you having to actually make those traces. It could also give you another space to route a trace or three.