Pancake style alternative to MG92B motor

HI, Hopefully this is the right place to post, I didn’t see an alternative which looked more fitting.

I’m looking for alternatives to MG90 style motors, specifically, a pancake style if possible. I’m currently using MG92B’s in an application in which they work perfectly, and are very straightforward to control using a Pico / MicroPython, however if I could find an alternative, smaller, or more compact in form, which wasn’t as deep from the mounting plane, it’d be ideal.
Has anyone seen anything similar? I’ve been hunting around Google and various forums online and so far not come up with anything useful.
Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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Hi @Animanera !

It has been a while snice you posted but no reply.

Were you able to find the alternative you were looking for?

I did do some search myself, but couldn’t find anything in that small size.