Pan/Tilt Reccomendation for Accommodating a Small Mirror?


I am new to the forum here.

I am looking for some recommendations of a pan/tilt system that can accommodate an acrylic mirror of size 6"x6"x1/8" roughly. The mirror itself is not very heavy 0.2-0.4 lb. Ideally I’d like to move an array of these mirrors anywhere from 50-100 of them. If possible I’d like to keep the cost down since I will be making a lot of these.

I want to be able to setup a set of these mirrors in an array for an art project on some aluminum (I was thinking of using the structural channel from servo city). The precision of the servos is not a primary concern, just as long as the servos can remain reliable overtime.

What would be your best recommendations of a pan/tilt system?

I also apologize if this is the wrong thread. This is my first post.

All the best,

Hey @thpe

The following Pan and Tilt could fit your needs:

It comes with servos that have a torque of 4.1kg-cm.