Pan-tilt mechanism for my webcam .[In construction] (950Bytes) (5063Bytes)

Hello everyone this one is a pal/tilt mechanism for my webcam . It is not finished yet ,this is just the mechanism ,but I want to add several features on this project . What I mean ? I want to add a function that it wil turn the camera to the brightest point of the room that the camera is in and then it will take a picture or video . Then I want to add a function that If someone claps his hands then the camera will point him and take a picture /video. And if it is possible to make the mechanism controllable through internet and show everyone what it sees using ustream. I will also make a user interface programm(with processing ). so the user can choose modes or control it himshelf with buttons .(Any mode will be available through the internet version too).

For now it uses 2 x futaba s3002 servos and a logitech webcam.


Changed the webcam with a Phillips SPC 500NC.

Code and inteface programm added as file attachments.


*Video will be up late at night or tommorow .

Hello Flokos

Did you try MyRobotLab ?

Not yet.

If you need any help with

If you need any help with internet control talk to me, I have a working web GUI for my bot’s pan and tilt webcam.