Optimizing the Jansen Linkage


Still tweaking my optimizer for Jansen (Klann) walking linkages. I started posting some of the more promising optimizations at http://boim.com/Jansen/Favorites

I have yet to see a similar site offering alternate dimensions for a useful Jansen Linkage. These linkages were tweaked to spread the legs out for more stability, while trying to maintain a fairly constant walking speed, flat step, high active cycle, and decent step height.


Wow, looking good. That is

Wow, looking good. That is probably the flattest bottom on the walk cycle that I’ve seen. Can you get away with 4 legs with these dimensions and still have two legs in contact with the ground at all times (50% duty cycle/leg)? Or is it just a better idea for stabilities sake to go with a tripod gait? I’m referring to a minimalist situation, of course. I’ve seen Theo Jansens’ “Strandbeest” with 12 legs or more. Nice work so far.


I don’t know if it helps, but Theo acutally posted the dimensions for all of the rods in his Strandbeest here:

(The dimensions are given in the bottom right after the interesting story of the algorithm that discovered them)



At the very least you could compare notes and maybe sort out the collapsing knee if you haven’t already :slight_smile: