One of my old robot!

this is one of my oldest robot named Naltz created on May 3, 2009, i have posted it on my old wikia page, it's now gone because i used the parts for my other robots. but i have created many of this things because it's mechanism is very simple, and BTW, most of his hardware are from cereal boxes that had been drawn for it's face and for the linkages.

so what does he do? well, he can talk, his mouth moves like a marionette or a ventriloquist dummy,and he has sounds from an old toy.

here are some pictures:

1. his case with an advertising picture of what his anatomy


2. here you can see his face and his motor.


3. side view, you can see some of his mechanism here,


4. here's his face.


5. another look at his case.


6. last look.



that's all of the remaining pictures,

so that's it folks, cheers!!!