One channel of sabertooth 2x60 doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I couldn’t find anything on dimension engineering neither the internet regarding this problem
So I have a sabertooth connected to a car battery (25,6V) that controls 2 pairs of wheels, the robot is remote controlled. Many days worked perfectly until a few days ago that after charging the battery only one pair of wheels worked.

The LEDs of the sabertooth 2x60 are behaving like this:

  • Cells blinking
  • Error blinking
  • Status glow.
    DIP config: 1OFF 2ON 3OFF 4ON 5OFF 6ON

I find it very strange having only one side responding, I switched from mix to independent mode but channel 2 still didn’t respond. Channel 1 works fine.
Please tell me if there are other tests I should do to check the problem. Thank you.

Finally I talked with Dimensioning Engineer, they told me to leave every dip OFF except 3 and 4. The channel didn’t run either. They replied very quickly and offered me a product change.