Old Lynxmotion Aluminum A4WD1 to Track

Hello All,

I have an older A4WD1 Autonomous that I bought years ago. I want to swap from wheels to tracks, but I want to go to a 2 sprocket (motor) drive system instead of 4. I know that I can use the Lynxmotion tracks, but is there a way to mount sprockets where the 2 deleted motors were?


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@bmoscato Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

For those curious, the “tracked” version of the A4WD1 can be found here:

There are a few things to consider if you’re trying to upgrade an older platform:

The A4WD1 frame length was slightly modified to ensure there was the correct tension on the track (there’s no separate tensioner, so the dimension needed to be exact). If you’d like to proceed, we can tell you what the measurement between the center of each motor shaft should be.

The new MTS kit relies on the fact that there are four DC gear motors. Two gear motors are likely not enough to move the platform with enough torque. The motors were also upgraded for the MTS kit and from what you indicated, you likely have the older ones. There’s no specific way to set up an “idler shaft” to replace the motors.


@cbenson thanks for the information, I guess I’ll going a different route to make a tracked vehicle.

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FYI coming soon:

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Is this a Lynxmotion design or someone else?

It will be a new Lynxmotion semi-pro mobile platform, available with either wheels, tracks or mecanum. Water and dust resistant, larger than the A4WD1, more rugged and more powerful. The image above is the tracked version which shows its considerable ground clearance.

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Eh, why not:


This is very cool.

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Hello cbenson,
is there already a release date for the chassis A4WD3, price?

Thx woist

@meinmops Welcome to the RobotShop Community. There will be several versions of the A4WD3:

  • 4WD (bare bones, RC or microcontroller)
  • Tracked (bare bones, RC or microcontroller)
  • Mecanum (bare bones, RC or microcontroller)

The retail price varies quite a bit depending on which version, but ranges from around $550 USD (4WD bare bones) to around $1k for the tracked RC kit (everything included).

The majority of the necessary parts are now in stock, though a few key parts are still en route. The kits then need to be created and packaged, and there needs to be marketing, so best estimate is still a few weeks out.

What type of platform are you looking at, for what application, with which features and for what price?