ok i need someone who knows about nortons and thevenins also maximum power

ok i got this assignemt today to do for tomorrow i have done the first question but i dont understand the second one can anyone help me out i would love it.


exactly the same circuit,

exactly the same circuit, just diferente values


Just keep in mind that V1 and V2 have opposite values, this meens you RL current will be something like

CurrRL = CurrR1 - CurrR2

depending on the direction you choose for each current ( CurrR1 and CurrR2 ) , CurrRL will always be the sum of the other currents


As for the maximum power transfer, you have maximum power transfer when the RL = Requivalent

I can’t really remember the math on this one, but that is it RL = Requivalent = MaximumPower Transfer

Take a look here



Hope that helped