OK, I have just given up making a balancing robot. Ever

Making a balancing robot - or even dreaming of making one just lost it's appeal.. because I will never make anything like this.,


Ultra epic, i want one :frowning:

Ultra epic, i want one :frowning:

Why not??

Come on fritsl. It doesn’t look soo hard .

Just a couple of motor, tilt/accel sensor, some good PID regulators and then some math.

that is awesome, would make

that is awesome, would make moving heavy items easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Fritsl,

In the shout box you have challenged me to build such a robot, here is the deal, if you send me a Free 5 degree IMU and 3 stepper drivers, I’ll build the robot. The robot will use 2 Arduinos, one as a motor controller, that will drive the 3 steppers, and the second Arduino will monitor the IMU and command the motor controller accordingly. I still have to put up the steppers, omniwheels, ball, Arduinos, chassis and lots of TIME. 


Any sponsors?

I am not sure why you think

I am not sure why you think that I should send you the material to build a robot?

Well, because it’s easy to

Well, because it’s easy to throw a challenge without thinking if the person you’ve challenged has the resources to face the challenge. Some people take it seriously. Finding the resources to get all the other parts for me is challenging more than enough, I thought we should share the effort since you’re the one who is morally pushing. So, I am challenging you back to help me build this “near impossible to do” robot by sponsoring some parts.

Or, we are both kidding and take this as it was supposed, a joke.

Well, if everyone thought

Well, if everyone thought that because I tried to inspire people to build robots, I should also pay for them, I would have to sell my house - alone for the Start Here robot.

I am almost offended by your logic, and if you think it is easy to inspire people, then why don’t you, and I will then get inspired and ask you for money… but hey… Bottom line; No, I am not going to pay you.


I hope I did not offend you,

I hope I did not offend you, and certainly there are more talented people here and elsewhere than me who are in need that deserve sponsorship. So, I was just curious what you have to say to a challenge like that. It was a joke, I didn’t thought you will actually do it.

And hey, if you don’t try, you don’t get lucky. Still, any sponsors?

Cheers and happy roboteering!

How can I help?


Why would you give up, I dont think we ever talked much here, but I have alot of respect comming your way from you Candian brother. So here is the question, so how do I help to keep this dream alive?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: I am not sure what you ask me to do. Feel free to PM me, if it has not to do with the post of the balancing bot above.

why dont you make a tutorial

why dont you make a tutorial on how to make this?

He did not make this

He did not make this therefore a tutorial from him would not be possible.

I’d love

I’d love to see the algorithm that does the positioning. Must be some pretty fancy PID :slight_smile:

Get 6 axis chip, an

Get 6 axis chip, an accelerometer 3 motors and you could pull it off easily

the code would seem faily simple

All you’d have to do is track the offset of a <0,0,0> axis’ and balance it out via the motors depending on the accelerometer force.


OK, let’s see it then!

OK, let’s see it then!

I wanted to do it, I haven’t

I wanted to do it, I haven’t got the funds to make it.

All that balancing has to come with a power cost…

While it is major league coolness, all that work to balance has to chew through batteries like crazy… 

If i ever get the parts

If i ever get the parts required to make it i’d for sure post a tutorial.

It’s a shame that we have some negative people posting like i have the funds to build it…

Looking at it can be assumed as quite advanced hardware/software. It’s actually not that hard to wrap your head around.

I promise if i ever get the chance to work on this kind of project i’ll help you all build one.