Novice/which kit to buy

I am a novice. I want to buy a kit and start building, creating, learning. There are so many options I am overwhelmed with the information. Could somebody be so kind to share what would be the best kit to start with? I am ok to spend but would like to get the best and most versatile kit available for fast learning and application.

Thank you kindly

Hi @Ninochko
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Good questions; there are so many possibilities, it depends on your level.
These are not too expensive compared to other models:

I suggest you start also with the Tutorials.

Maybe @o_lampe @geraldinebc15 can advise too?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hello @Ninochko and welcome to the RobotShop community,

It depends on what you want to learn in particular. Do you want to learn about circuits? Do you want to learn to program? Want to learn about robotics? Or maybe you want to learn about everything!

If you want to learn about everything then a good way to start is with an Arduino starter kit, it will teach you the basics about circuits, electronics, and programming, and later you can add additional parts to experiment with other things like motors or lights.

If you already have some experience with circuits and programming you may prefer a robotic kit like the ones Mariane suggested! Or you can find many other options in the Robots & Kits section of the store so you can choose according to your interest. Another great section to visit is the Robotics Education section, there you can find lots of kits aimed at students at different levels.

I hope this information can help you out!

Let us know if you have more questions :smiley:

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Thank you to both of you! I apologize for being a bit late with my reply and my thank you. I will come back with further questions if any. Tha k you again, very kind of you to take the time to reply so fast. :))))

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