Not sure how to use the Picaxe 18x Project board

I just got my Pixaxe 18x starter pack in the mail (YAY and the one thing that seems to be lacking is complete documentation. :)

All the output pins seem to go through the darlington driver and the pins coming from it are all negative (-) -- not positive (+). Usually when you set a pin to "high" it goes positive, right? This seems to reverse that. I'm not exactly sure how to connect this to the motor driver or do serial output. I hope this question makes sense.

Basically, I'd love any information anyone has about this board. Has anybody used this board before?

Thanks, Jeremy

Yes, that was what I
Yes, that was what I needed! Since the darlington basically makes the pins "high" ground, I just removed the chip and used jumpers from my breadboard to connect to the picaxe pins through the darlington DIP socket.

First there is the

First there is the documentation on the page itself… But that is only the general info.

You need to know the “name” of your board, then there will be documentation on your CD-rom.

Your board is - I presume - CHI 030 - a board with which I have no experience.

How do I know that? Well here is the strange logic that I have learned to use:

  1. Enter
  2. Enter “the store” (Buy online - Prices" - link) - this is really crap web!
  3. Find your product in the store - and then you can click on “datasheet” - or note the name & number and find it on your CD.

I found what I think i your board here:

So the documentation for your board is here: (the “Datasheet-link”)