Noob seraching for best microcontroller

P-38_Scale_Drawing.pdf (2415321Bytes)

simply put i'm trying to figure out witch microcontroller would be best for my purposes. the things i need are 3 pwm pins, 2 normal io pins, as well as what ever else i need pin-wise to controll a nrf24l01+ transceiver

i'm also trying to keep this as light as posible, as its gonna be the rx side of a tiny rc airplane, just under 6in wingspan p-38 lightning . i figure one pwm for the pager motors, and one each for the aleron coils and the two normal pins for current direction, though if needed i could use a spring and the coils to skip the other two pins.

i'm currently thinking an attiny would be a good one to use, but idk witch of them. any help picking one is greatly apreciated.

also any info on how to properly wire the coils/motors would be helpful, as most of the time i see comparitvly huge motor controllers, or just a direct motor to board connections.

@maxhirezit should have


it should have enough range, as its an indoor flyer size plane. i was looking at the arduino ones, but most all of them seem too big, ( even the mini and micro ) the micro might fit but it would take up all of the room in the body of the plane (as is part of nrf will be sticking out unless i scale it up some) . if u print out the file i just attached so it fits on a normal letter size page, thats how big it will be. the motors and aleron controlls would all be in each of the side parts. posibly also the batterys if needed. atm, no exp at all, though i do have plenty of coding exp as well as a currently unopened c-series launchpad i got when the $20 off code was leaked and useable by anyone.



not sure how much it would take, just getting enough current that it will move a magnet thats 2-3mm away from it. the coils themselves i was just gonna wind some salvaged copper wire from a hard would you wire it up as a h-bridge though?



the library shouldnt be too much of a problem. figure i’ll write out what i need then check the librry source and cut anything that wont be used or called/refrenced from used functions. all it will be doing is listening to the nrf for 24bits of info 0-255 for each of the 3 controlls. the pitch/roll will all be calculated transmitter side. not too sure about pin-out, but it looks like it will work w/o any conflicts. will have to use bdk6’s h-bridge idea as it would only leave 2 pwm’s open.