Non-toxic spray to prevent Litter Robot clumps sticking to rubber bag?

I have a Litter Robot MATERIALS question… what could I spray or rub on the black, rubber, liner bag that would prevent cat litter/urine clumps from sticking to it?

I have a cat with no known urinary infection issues who has a bad aim. She sprays the wall of the drum.

That would be OK if it wasn’t for the fact that the urine then flows down that wall and ends up forming a flat urine/litter pancake… securely glued to the black rubber bag below.

Result: when the drum rotates and the bag flexes the urine/litter pancake fails to release… or if it does release it’s so large that it can’t make it through the hatch below during rotation. To make matters worse the pancake(s) continue to increase in size with each cat visit!

Bottom line: my wonderful LR can no longer be trusted to watch over my cat for more than a day or two before I experience a delightful jam up!

Solutions Needed:
I’ve tried clear silicone spray on the black rubber surface to prevent sticking… works for a few days at best and I’m sure my cat will object eventually and shop elsewhere.

Is there another spray on material that will produce a non-stick barrier surface on the black rubber?

Other ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

  • Frustrated But Loyal LR User


You could try searching for hydrophobic solutions like Liquid Off or NeverWet? I am no expert in the matter so I can’t guarantee it will work but that is what I would look for.

Good Luck!

I know this is old, but did you ever end up finding a solution? My cat does the exact same thing.