NodeMCU often disconnecting from smartphone!

I made a 2WD Smartphone Controlled Robotic WiFi Car. It is based on NodeMCU ESP8266 board. It further has two 2000mAH 3.7V 18650 battery (means input=7-7.4V) and an L298N motor driver.

Previously there was problem uploading code to the board, which got solved…

A few new problem arose:

  1. The connection of smartphone via WiFi with NodeMCU ESP8266 is often being interrupted. Its rare that the connection lasts for more than 1 min…It often disconnects within seconds. And sometimes even on a single movement signal.

  2. In the problem described above… Sometimes the Blue LED remains ON and sometimes it goes OFF. And surprisingly once it even it got itself ON on its own without even touching it…

3)Sometimes when I just touch and release for e.g. the forward button, it moves forward, that’s OK, but it happened sometimes that the car kept moving forward until and unless it was disconnected from the smartphone OR it either got it power supply OFF

Why are these issues occurring??? Is the issue because of software?
Thank you so much in advance!!!

Nice project.

Please, could you provide your code so some of us can verify if the issue is related to it?

@pjutras the OP has two threads going at the moment. I think he resolved his issue.

This was the original thread:



Glad to see that everything is sorted out.


Hmmm… Thanks a lot for helping me out all the way from errors and issues to finally completing it!!!

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