NINA - The Robot

Hi everyone! I'm new to LMR. I got into robotics a few years back when something hit me. "Hey! I know what I can do this summer! I'll read books on robots and learn how to build them!" So that's what I did!


This is my main project - NINA. I'm building this robot with a friend. Nina is meant to be a large scale domestic robot. It runs on treads, wheelchair motors, my laptop computer, a microphone and a camera. Right now, I'm taking apart this prototype and building something that's more light weight, less dangerous, and more efficient.

NINA's current treads came from Lynxmotion. However, the sprockets are a little too flimsey, so I'm switching to conveyor belt material and aluminum pulleys.

Nina uses a sabertooth 25 Amp duel motor controller, interfaced to her laptop "brain" via usb cord. She also uses a wireless radio receiver to listen to voice commands from a headset microphone. Her laptop controller runs roborelam, a vision processing software, which is plugged into a python API script. In her python script, I use a handy speech module developed by a friend of mine on! It's a very fun and useful piece of software!

In the next design, I'm using two electric bicycle motors and Ni-hm batteries instead of SLA.

I'm also going to give this robot an arm and two cameras for stereoscopic vision, along with a load of IR and Sonar proximity sensors.

Here's a short video to demonstrate what NINA can do so far! (By the way, sorry for the poor lighting. I promise to get better lighting in the next video).

Very nice, looks well built.
Very nice, looks well built. Were the tracks from Lynxmotion? A lot more details would be really cool. Like drive electronics, interfaces or microcontrollers used, laptop programming done. Awesome project.


Thank Robologist!

I’ve added that information to the blog! I’ll keep everybody posted on NINA’s progress!

Looking good
I like and respect original designs.You have to train Nina well carrying around that Laptop. I am also new here and am getting alot from this site.


Thanks! I’m continuing my progress and hoping to have a complete robot withing two months. Hopefully…


The books you read
I’m trying to get into robotics and eventually build a “personal assistant” robot but don’t know anything I was wondering what books you read because you seem to have a pretty good graspe on things with your voice control and what not. Thanks for any advice and help.

Way cool!. What did you come

Way cool!. What did you come up with for a supplier of conveyor belt material and pulleys?