Newbie needs help of you!

**Hey there! I am new to robotics and also a class 10 student. Can you please tell me what things should I learn first in order to start robotics. **
Your suggestion will be honored.

Basic Electronics skills.
So you understand what component perform what functions on any device you plan on using on a robotics platform you intend on building later.
But start with the basics of Electronics so you know what will be needed later on when hooking everything up.

Even the Pros forget some active or passive component in a circuit, now and then that can have them scratching their heads for days, drinking lots of coffee or Redbulls and muttering obscenities under their breath.

So understand WHAT is required from a basic electronics level, first, before you start connecting different parts together to make an entire robot.

Also, learn a simple common microprocessor language so you can code basic programs that your robot will execute. The ones used the most are Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s, PICs, Atmel’s and ESP’s to name just a few of the more popular ones. But you need to know which microprocessor you intend to control the bot with before you learn how to code even simple statements for them, since they all have different variations of languages used to code them.

When interviewing candidate qualifications here at Acigan, one language that is always looked for is at least a basic understanding of the C language. This is because if someone understands even the basics of C, most of the microprocessor languages are derived from that language to begin with before branching out into separate languages of their own. So if you have even a basic understanding of C even if you never intend on coding in it, you can learn the concepts and syntax of other languages more easily, then say, if you just pick a language to start with. That way you can code onto different microprocessors later on when one alone doesnt support some function your robot requires as it develops over time.

Check out C Language book from a local library if you want just an overview of it. Even if something you read seems way over your head at the time, you will recall it later on at some later time and go “Oh ya, I remember that concept” and whatever language you are coding in then is just a simple syntax swap or wording change. But it is the Concepts taught within the original C Language that, most other languages mimic one way or another. So it is good to have that under your belt if Robotics is the path you desire to pursue.

That and basic electronic, so you then understand how logic interacts with circuits to make robots possible.

Hope this helps!

Acigan International