Newbee: Arduino MEGA and ultrasonic URM37 V3.2

I tried to start with developing something with my new Arduino (DFRduino
Mega 2560). I decided to get an URM37 V3.2 ultrasonic sensor because I
thought for this I get examples in the net for using this with the Arduino. But there are some problems to get it running.
My knowledge about electronics and programming is quite good, but I is a
long time ago when I develop something, so I have to learn many things
again. My hope is to get information and examples to get this first step
running. My actually problem is that I need a example sketch to get the
distance from the URM37 with the MEGA. Additionally I am confused about the
cabling and the switch on the URM37 (TTL or Serial). I connected the RX
(URM37) with TX (MEGA) and TX (URM37) with RX (MEGA) in "serial mode". I am not sure if this
is right. It is difficult to find the error when I am not sure if the
program is wrong or the cabling, or both. Additionally I use the Arduino
SDK 1.0 and there is a difference to the examples I found.
is now
is this right?
If I get an working example and a tip about the cabling and mode I would be very happy. I search in the net for many hours and I am now at point of confusion.
Kind regards,

I’ve used a Parallax

I’ve used a Parallax Ping–which is different, simpler and well supported and documented in Arduino circles.  Connecting it was simply a matter of plugging a single cable into the sensor shield that typically sits on top of my Mega.  Testing it was as easy as running the Ping example in the Arduino IDE examples section–which is one of the reasons I chose the Ping over a LOT of other, (and in many cases cheaper–which is kind of important to me.) products.

Have you seen Miles Burton’s URM37 library from the DFRobot wiki?  It includes serial and distance measurement examples and what look to be pretty straightforward setup instructions.

it works!

Thank you. I needed a little bit courage to connect and just test it. With the excampels of Miles Butron it works.
It’s great and good feeling that I don’t destroy it because I set the cable wrong.

Thank you very much.

Now to the next steps…

I will report here.

Kind regards,