Hello everybody, I’m Acer. I’m one of Aaronsuper1’s schoolmate. I’m a bit new to robotics. So I need help. I’m making a free form arduino. I’m waiting for aaron to bootload an atmega328 for me. Gonna buy parts tomorrow. Any tips?

Welcome to LMR

Greetings Acer, and welcome to LMR.

Tips? The little “Search page” link on the right has hundreds of them :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of mine:

1. Click the rules link at the top of the page and read it first. Folks around here love it when new members RTFM as it were :stuck_out_tongue:

2. As far as the arduino goes, do you have a way of uploading sketches to it? Usually a spare UNO or an external programmer is used. (unless your “free-form arduino” is getting an FTDI chip)

3. If you aren’t very experienced at soldering, you might consider using a heat sink clip on the atmega chip, so you don’t cook it. Or solder a socket to the free-form circuit and plug the chip into that.

4. Other than that double check pinouts before putting power to anything.

5. Just have fun with it, they are tough chips, you almost have to try to kill an atmega.