New Youtube channel for building robots!

Hello, My name is Will and I own a robotics R and D company called During these trying times, I decided to create a Youtube channel devoted to building and educating in designing, 3d printing and building movie style robots that actually function. Its called Reel Robots. If you find the information useful to you, please concider subscribing. You can find the channel here:

My channel


Are these:

Channel builds
Personal builds
Commercial builds
Builds for sale under contract/agreement with other companies?

Also, are you building these with the intention they will be mass produced or recreated?

On a personal note, I believe people, or at least myself would purchase from the robot jerk-attendant. People pay a lot to go to a Wawa and order from a kiosk… it seems to be the same for Disney. I imagine these will do well if not already.

@RebelRoboticist. They are for all the above. My company has been on a rollercoaster since debuting my robot heads in 2015. CES in 2019. My current builds on Youtube are for teaching and there is discussion for plans and BOM for the DIY community. I am leaving myself open for convos about licensing and partnerships for B to B or other. As example robots head in Kuwait museum.

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It’s always exciting to see these opportunities for these small business to turn into corporate factories. America needs another factory… Robots in my pov are probably the best way to safely turn business around. Most companies send their engineering through China. Most of them don’t realize the lifespan it puts on the products and parts. That’s why it’s so important to seek out a potential company (or company with potential). I’m very interested in supporting any company willing to manufacture robots or space tech.
Besides the boring stuff - your droids are very nice :smiley:
I’m very excited and anticipate their local arrival throughout the world :wink:
I should also point out the potential this brings during the “pandemic”. These newer more demanding jobs are a great idea for expansion because of distancing and reducing contact.
Thank you!! :joy:

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No other comment than “keep 'em coming!”. Well done and appreciate that you take the time to explain.

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