New tutorial on how to make an Arduino robot

I posted this on the Facebook page, but thought I'd post it here as well.

I just finished writing an in-depth tutorial on how to make an Arduino-based robot. It's targeted towards beginners and should help someone completely new to robotics to build their first robot, but anyone making a robot with an Arduino will find it useful. Here's picture of the robot I make in the tutorial:

Link: How to make an Arduino Robot

Hopefully someone finds it helpful!

**Nice tutorial… **

I built a similiar robot for my second build.  2 things i would suggest…

1) somewhere make sure you mention the adjustment screw holes on the servos (if they have them and if you didn’t mention in the tutorial already). The servos i used had a potentiometer in them that you can adjust to change the direction and speed of the motors. I forgot about these when i did a demonstration to a group on robotics and the one servo didn’t spin the right way or at all.

2) Instead of taping directly to the arduino perhaps suggest they cut a piece of plastic or cardboard etc and screwing the arduino onto that before putting it down on the sticky tape.  This will prevent people from getting adhesive all over the back of their arduino that they’ll likely use for other projects later.  That adhesive isn’t terrible to take off, but that extra step might prevent some annoyances later on.

Thanks, those are both good

Thanks, those are both good suggestions!

Your tutorial should serve as a guide to the LMR community on how to properly document a robot project.