New SSC-32U and AL5D kit: RX/TX problems


Help please: I have a new robot kit and followed the instructions religiously and after using the SSC-32U Sequencer Utility Software, it transmitted and received commands the first time and all servos could be controlled! I turned it off to tighten some screws and add the springs for load balance. When I turned it back on, nothing worked. The Rx/Tx LED lights are not turning on and the software cannot Center or control the

Hardware concerned: AL5D Robot Arm Kit

Software concerned: SSC-32U Servo Sequencer Utility

Troubleshooting steps already taken: Power cycle

Additional information: Worked on 1st try; nothing on second and subsequent tries. No error messages.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hi @ssc32Uarm

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Can you please send pictures of your setup?

Hi. thanks for the welcome and for helping. Attached are the photos

It does not respond to the SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility when connected. It used to.
I used the 6V DC power supply connected through VS1. The two jumpers are in place and there is no jumper on VS=VL. The servos are connected with the black wire towards the outside. it all worked initially, then when I turned it off to add the springs and turned it back on, one the green and red (A and B) and the blue (power) lights all stay on. The Rx/Tx lights do not turn on.

I deleted the SSC-32 Sequencer Utility and installed a new .exe file and it worked. Thanks for the assistance.