New Robotic development board

Hi LMR world... Developing my knowledges with incredible speed im getting closer and closer to my development board.... Ill be happy if i can get your support in this not so easy for me "marathon" from you...^_^ 

1. the concept is this board itself must be furnished with basic devices like 2 motor drivers servo controllers sensing extensions but at the same time must be powerfull enought to work as a bridge connecting wireless, GPS, motor and servo drivers extention, monitoring extentions, RF and maybe some more other modules.. (this modules are the next stages of my project.. ill start designing them after completing the base.. ) so its kind of PICAXE board but with ad ons available like ARDUINO...

2.It must be PIC based.. and have good speed and lots of memory... and yes as much pins as possible:D (in order to be able to deal with as much as possible tasks at the same time cose it will have several ad on modules..)


I spent lots of time seeking on the internet stores data sheets ands so on in order to choose core "brain" of the project... and stopped on PIC32MX795F512L  

has 100 pins speed and memory.. but the operating voltage is low.... 2.5, 3.3V .... on the other hand normal servo motors usually work on 5 6 V.... and the same think with  RC motors... which means i cannot "feed" them directly from micro controller.. i need something between for powering up the voltage and pulse... how can i solve this obstacle?? 

One more question... is it possible to connect lower versions of PIC micro controllers with this one?? I mean on deferent modules there will be lower versions of PIC (lets say PIC12 PIC16 or PIC18).. is it gonna make problems when ill try to connect them??

Thats it for now.... Thanks a lot any way.. at least for reading:):)


My experience with the 3.3v Arduinos…

On one project, I feed the regulator on the board with 4.8v NiCad packs and use the battery directly to some not too picky 5v components. As long as you share GND, things work pretty well. TTL serial allows for a little range and works. I read a GPS powered at 5v on a 3.3v Pro Mini and I have output serial data from the 3.3v Pro Mini to a 5v MEGA (again sharing GND) with no problem. There are a few regulators that supplie both currents.



firstly thanx for response:) 

so you mean lets say for using motor driver  (just for example but maybe ill make on this base i havent searched specifically…)  ill feed microcontroller with 3 v and H bridge with 5 but share ground and connect bridge to micro controller and it will work properly??? :):slight_smile: and no need to power up the impulse from micro controller to h bridge??

I followed the link to the

I followed the link to the data sheet and it says minimum is 2.3v, so yes it should work.

Oh thanx…

Wow thats really good new…  so the same thing comes with servos? ill just connect pules wire to microcontroller share the ground and feed with 5V coool… Actually i was thinking something like that but didnt know that i have to share the ground… Thanks…:) 

what about next question?? is it gonna make any problems if ill try to connect other PIC family members to this one?

You should be fine with TTL

You should be fine with TTL signals between 5v and 3v logic, at least with ICs. Some home brew circuits really need system voltage as an input level because the “input” actually drives something instead of being sampled.

All grounds should be together, always.