New roboteer from Sweden

Hi guys!

I'm from Sweden (Skåne) and very close to Denmark. I consider starting building these things, because it's really awesome and robots have always fascinated me.



I would like to be at the meeting, but it came a little sudden and noone around here at home knows about it. You guys gotta keep me updated, since I may come next time ;)

Yay, another Swede!

I’m from sweden as well, and even from Skåne. So, where from Skåne are you? Im from outside Helsingborg.

I wanted to go to that meeting as well, but same here, it came a little in a rush.

Så For Jävla

Little did I know that I had joined a nerdy swedish dating site :wink:

I was at the meeting tonight (my first) and it was great! - Come on over!



It is going to be SO hard

It is going to be SO hard not to make it "a country-fight if 2 robots get in the ring :smiley:

/ Frits


So, other swedes too? Great, I feared to become an outsider or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m from Malmö, btw.

well i thnk im the only
well i thnk im the only Aussie from this site … a TRUE BLUE AUSSIE!