New LMR Logo Kit (1972277Bytes)

Here is the LMR logo with the new slogan, as voted upon by the LMR community:


The LMR logo concept was originally designed by Nicolas Dupont (ndupont).

The Logobot is made by Jon / Psycop / Psy (psy).

Original logo was also designed in collaboration with fritsl.

The new slogan was proposed by OrionBot and was voted for by the community.

You can see slogan suggestions by the community here. And the results of the poll for the new slogan here.

Abobe PhotoShop (PSD) File attached below.

excellent version indeed :slight_smile:

Seven years later, I’m really happy to see that the one year celeration logo is still alive and kickin’

I’ve followed the few in-between iterations, and I think this one is really great, as I wasn’t a fan of the II and III.

Enjoy !



Looks good :slight_smile:

Looks good :slight_smile:

Happy you like it

We’re happy you like it.

** Honored to be part of LMRs**


Honored to be part of LMRs logo history! Thanks!