New issue after changing sensors


A new type of issues with the blinking lights appeared after changing to the new sensors (message opened in October 2022:
Different behaviours happened:

  1. The robot starts cycling and suddenly stops in the middle of the cycle. At this point, the yellow light starts blingking and three behaviours can ocur:
    1.1 After some time, the robot restarts by itself the cycle to go back to the normal position.
    1.2 I have to press only once the button of power off/ power on so the cycling is restarted and the robot goes back to the normal position.
    1.3 I have to press the button power off/ power on so the cycling is restarted but repeating this several times until the cycling process is completed and the robot goes back to the normal position. At some point, I had to disconnect the charger as well.

  2. Sometimes, when the deposit is clean and not full, the yellow light starts blinking. To fix it, I open and close the deposit or I power off/on the robot.

  3. The blue light blinks when the deposit is empty.

These issues have been appearing from time to time and they are annoying. We have been checking that the deposit is not full and the robot is clean.
However, we do not know how to proceed so these issues do not appear anymore.
Could you please provide some help?

Best regards,


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Hi @natalita !

We are sorry to hear about the problem.

Is the yellow light blinking slowly or quickly?

Could you share a video of the problem?

Thank you.

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I’m facing a similar issue after installing the DFI sensor v2

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Hi @giannibit !

If robot cannot detect position of the globe properly, most probably Hall sensor has been moved by accident while replacing the DFI sensor.

Please see this as a reference photo for the position of the sensor:

We recommend that you open up the base and check this sensor.

If something else or different is happening with the robot, please let us know.

Thank you.

Hi @igor_X

as I said after installing the DFI sensor v2 when I switch the LR3 on it starts with blue light flashing. If I press reset for 1 second it starts rotating and stopping after a while and then restart and again until it complete the cycle. This behavior is not normal, I checked as you suggested but everything seems good as you can see in the picture.
Please advice since the LR3 is not working as expected

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HI @giannibit !

It is possible that waste bag inside the drawer is blocking the sensors. At least it looks like it from here.

Can you try one cycle without waste drawer?

Thank you.